Ready, Set, BARN RENO


Heading out early tomorrow to get a jump start on cleaning, and making the barn & paddocks pony-proof. Bones will be joining me Friday, but I’m not entirely sure when our internet will be set up.

The site survey is scheduled for the 2nd, but the property is heavily treed so we’ll see what they say. Please don’t fret if you don’t see us post for a few days; we’re not going anywhere!

Studio Sale Ends TONIGHT at 12am EST!
Last chance to get your hands on a limited edition Grim, Manitouwabing Wurm, Grand Snek, Owl Griffin or Plated Snek!


spoopy-scary-snoteleks said: What kind of clay do you use?

Depends on whether or not its going to be cast, how large or small the piece is, and what time-frame we have for sculpting in.

For the most part we use our own oil based clay blends, but occasionally we use good old regular clay as well.



We’ve got some unsold casts left in our limited edition runs which close the 1st, and we batted around the idea of what to do with ‘em.

While we may keep a couple back for ourselves, we thought too about offering some up for trades. Would this be something our fellow artists might be interested…

Reblogging to clarify a bit!

We’re looking for specifically:
Character-centric illustrations (humanoid)
Skulls n’ Bones ‘n Taxidermy etc. - Bearing in mind, we live in Canada and shipping restrictions apply from other countries
Leather armor - possibly larp-style masks as well

I’m at the new place for the next few days to get ready for the ponies, but I will respond to everyone’s emails about trades when I return, promise! Thanks guys!



WIPs of a commission. This guy is slow goin’ with his teeny scales n’ texture and my stupid arm. He’s got place-holder eyes in right now just for looks, but he’s comin’ together!


Possible Trades?

We’ve got some unsold casts left in our limited edition runs which close the 1st, and we batted around the idea of what to do with ‘em.

While we may keep a couple back for ourselves, we thought too about offering some up for trades. Would this be something  our fellow artists might be interested in?
We’ve both got some things on our want-list that we either aren’t quick enough to get our hands on, or forget about until its too late. I have a plethora of ridiculous characters I’d love to have some illustrations of, and Bones would probably like to flesh out her bone collection more (flesh out bones, haha… sorry!).

Just a thought anyway!
You can have a look at what’s on offer via our shop; any of the studio sale designs would potentially be up for grabs, and we’d be looking for work of a similar value in trade.

Feel free to drop us a line with the details if you’d be interested - wormsandbones@gmail.com. We won’t have time to do many - one or two at best, so please don’t be offended if we decline!

ETA: I’ve posted about manticores, but people seem to keep missing it. Because manticores weren’t ready in time and we didn’t feel it was fair to release a limited design with so little time to order, we’ve cut ‘em from the studio sale. Manticores will happen sometime in the new year, but will NOT be limited… hope that clears things up!


Reminder: Orders are Closed

Just a reminder since we’re still getting requests:

Custom orders are currently closed.
We are planning to take another smaller batch in January.
We’ll post more about that opening in a few months time.

Huge thanks to everyone who’s contacted us!



The first of the plated sneks are going together, and here’s one of the ivory spots.

These guys are available to order for another 2 days!
Check our website for details.


A Note about Contact

This keeps coming up, and I just wanted to address it broadly to avoid the confusion.

We don’t have the ability to file away and contact each person who asks us when we have custom openings, when we’re posting specific creatures for sale, when we have certain colour schemes available etc.This would just be impossible for us to manage without having a third party manning the computer every day!

Unfortunately that does mean people are left to more or less stalk our websites for when we post what they’re looking for, and hope they’re fast enough…. and we realize this is pretty frustrating if you’re in a different timezone, or not up at the hours we are!

We’re considering implementing a mailing-list feature, that would allow us to give people a head’s up, but at the same time we don’t want to spam anyone. The mailing list would ONLY be used to let people know about things like custom openings, sales & promos, and key dates.

Is this something you’d like to see?


cthulhu-baby said: i found your tumblr by accident and im blown away, your work is absolute stunning! how did you begin doing this as a craft?

Hi there;
Thank you! We’ve been sculpting for as long as we’ve been smart enough not to stick the clay in our mouths actually. Both Bones and I went to a studio-class based highschool which allowed us to spend more or less all day working in ceramics with a number of fantastic teachers. We did a few shows with our solid-state works, then branched out into illustration, got our BAs, promptly ignore them and went back to our roots.

We actually stated out by making one for a friend’s birthday, and realized we had the fairly oddly varied skill-sets required, and that it was a lot of fun. Things spiraled from there!


The Terrifying To-Do List

Trying to coordinate not only for OUR move, but the business AND the horses is giving me the screaming horrors. Particularly since the previous home owner decided to make off with important portions of the barn set-up.

Right now all this needs to be completed by Oct. 11th:

  • Pick-up the two 12’ gates from Mum’s
  • Build two addition 11’ gates
  • Get hardware & install 4 gates
  • Go check out our neighbours hay and pick a cut
  • Pick-up and put at least 35 bales in the loft - arrange to pick up the rest later
  • Find electric fence energizer that will work with the pre-existing electrobraid & grounding pole
  • Install without electrocuting anyone
  • Bushhog all the paddocks
  • Rehook-up the water to the barn & hope pipes are okay
  • Shovel out the run-in
  • Cut down barrels for extra water troughs
  • Patch holes in the run-in wall

This list does not of course include buying all the incidentals I take for granted; pitch forks, wheel barrows, first aid supplies, ties, buckets, feeders etc.

Did I mention my plan is to build three stalls, and hot-tape off another 130’ X 40’ section before winter?