We’ve been SUPER excited to finally post this one, and here she is. We’re both big fans of the show the Legend of Korra since friends strong-armed us into watching it last year (I watched almost all of season one in a single sitting) and Naga is pretty much amazing. If I had three wishes, having my own polarbear dog would be the number two, righ behind fiscal solvency (har har).

Our take on Naga is a one of a kind - there are no casts, and we won’t be doing this again. At 22” from nose to tail, she’s almost two feet long, and about 9.5” high at the withers… so she’s quite a big girl, and would be a proportionately suitable mount for some sizes of ball joint doll. She’s hand sculpted and painted, sealed and sewn with a collection of dense ice-white furs. She’s completely articulated with plastic joints that gives her a realistic range of movement, and the ability to hold a pose beautifully. Her tack made from a combination of nickle hardware, walnut coloured leather and felt, with a padded saddle blanket. It is removable via two separate hooks for the girth and breastcollar.

She is available for sale via silent auction.
To make a bid, please email us the following to

  • Bid amount:
  • Name/Shipping Address:
  • Paypal address:

We will update tumblr, facebook & deviantart with the highest bids as we are able. Please note we will NOT post your name or information. The auction will run until 6pm EST on Thursday January 16th, at which point will we contact the winner via email. Payments must be made via paypal in Canadian dollars, but we will accept payment terms.

25% of profits from this auction will be donated to Polar Bears International, to help fund their continuing research and education programs in defense of our dwindling polar bear populations.

For more info, please email us -


Current high bid: $675 as of Wed. Jan 15th.
Just one more day left!